[Hong Kong] Tong Lau / 唐 樓,

Hung Hom / 紅墈

Shum Shui Po / 深水埗

Fortress Hill / 炮台山

Tai Hang / 大坑

"The term tong lau (Chinese: 唐樓) is used to describe tenement buildings built in late 19th century to the 1960s in Hong Kong, Macau, southern China and Taiwan. Designed for both residential and commercial uses, they are similar in style and function to the shophouses of Southeast Asia." 
- Wikipeadia

I love strolling, wandering, walking around... This is the best way for me to understand a neighborhood by quietly observing people, objects, and what is happening along my way. I love walking through old districts in particular. The rows of old buildings by the street seem to have experienced many vicissitudes of life. Also, their beautiful composition of straight lines and geometries are fascinating. 

However, this city keeps changing. It seems that the changing has no place for old stuffs. Many more brand-new and modern skyscrapers are built everywhere while beautiful old buildings is gradually disappearing. Therefore, I think I should capture these existing old buildings with my analog camera, before this city completely loses its own identity. 




Getting on the tram, and travelling through the city.

Yau Ma Tei / 油麻地

, collected between August 2013 and March 2014.

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M i s c e l l a n e a / 雜 集 , N o . 1


If so, I hope I will never age. I do not want my heart wearily and numbly died of aging.


I like walking and I'll walk everywhere. Even if there is only one destination, day after day, you can find a number of ways to reach the same destination.


"Growth" seems to slowly tear off some important but intangible part from my body or mind day by day. As time goes by, there is an increasing confusion inside me. I gradually understand that I should keep a part of myself like a child so that the precious "self" can be preserved.

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Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice


[Hong Kong] hiking, Tai Tong / 大棠

萬綠叢中一點紅 / a single red in the midst of thick foliage


Since the last summer, I have fallen in love with hiking.

About a month ago, A., K. and I went to Tai Tong for hiking. We three arrived there at eight o'clock. Nature in the morning time was particularly comfortable. Air was moist and fresh. Sunlight was soft and cozy.
The mountain was not very oblique. Just followed the road signs along our way. Easy and relaxing.

It is really amazing to enjoy the nature while having some workout.



大棠的路不難走, 山路不算很斜 ,跟著示牌走便行 ,很輕鬆。


我 / me


M i s c e l l a n e a / 雜 集 ,

雜集 / miscellanea,

a collection of miscellaneous items, esp literary works

"Miscellanea" is a new project I gave to myself in the start of this year.
In this project, I will do an ongoing collection of short sentences which touch me deeply. I am not good at writing at all but I so admire people who can compose beautifully. The collection will be along with my drawings or any beautiful/memorable thing. Also I will try to write little more with this "Miscellanea" note book!

I got this cute note book when I was in Taiwan last summer. A very memorable gift to myself during the happy trip in the lovely place.






[life] Oh my breakfast!

yellow tone quick breakfast
sliced cheese on toast + scrambled egg + hot tea
cereal squares in yogurt/w honey + banana + hot water

fried egg on toast + cereal squares in yogurt/w strawberry jam + hot tea

sliced cheese on toast + boiled egg + corn flakes in yogurt/w strawberry jam + hot english breakfast tea

The above is a small conclusion of my homemade breakfasts in the past two weeks.

In every chilly winter morning, after overcoming the tough "bed-leaving" process, it is good to awake the lazy body with a nice breakfast.

///Original yogurt+fruit jam:
Since I have mild-lactose intolerance, no milk or milk product appears in any of my breakfast or meal. So, soymilk, yogurt and cheese are my major supplements of calcium.(They are yummy too!) Lately, I like to eat yogurt as breakfast but I cannot get used to the sour taste of oiginal yogurt. Then, I tried adding fruit jam randomly picked in home and found this combination tastes really good and is very convenient. Fruit flavor yogurt found in supermarket usually tastes super sweet while this combo's sweetness can be tailored. More jam more sweet. Although mixing yogurt with fresh fruit is much healthier but I am too lazy to handle easily spoiled fresh fruit.





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