[little treasures] tiny and little

Embroidered little pins of mountains, mushroom, Earth and flowers.
I am fond of making little tiny things in particular. They are not eye-catching and it seems that they would disappear easily. But when putting them inside my palm, they make me feel like discovering a hidden-gem.



David Bowie - Space Oddity


[farming] Fanling Organic Farmers Market

On the Sunday two weeks ago, I had been to an organic farmers market in Fanling. It was a sunny good day and I enjoyed my time there.

In the farmers market, there were booths selling organic harvest and natural grocers, an upcycling enzymatic detergent workshop and a natural craft workshop for kids. Through the market, the organizer, Transfarmer, aims not only to help farmers in Fanling to sell out their harvest but also to let the public learn more about the farmers and organic farming. Ideally, they hope people can later on directly contact and buy vegetables from the farmers. Since Transfarmer did not have any experience in organizing a market before and there were many different limitations, this market was a small scale one.

Transfarmers is now mainly formed by a group of young volunteers and I do appreciate their effort in promoting and preserving Hong Kong's precious local agriculture.

Fanling Farmers Market
date: 15/02, 15/03, 12/04 (once a month)
time: 10 am - 6 pm
location: Fanling Playground (Fanling MTR Exit C)
organizer: Transfarmer






Movie Soundtrack - The Girl With Dragon Tattoo(2011)

Hung in Farmers Market


[little treasures] stuffed creatures

This is a rabbit named as Hill Cheung The Rabbit. He has a shitty and arrogant face. / 這是一只叫Hill Cheung的臭面兔。

Some miniature accessories for stuffed animals. / 為鉤織動物們造的迷你黃色帽子和背包。

Sorry for not updating this place for months. I had a crazily busy November and December filling with loads of deadlines. Hope you had a happy Christmas and new year!

Few days ago, I bought bunches of lovely softy woolly yarn which made me very happy and immediately started making some stuffed animals. The first stuffed creature is Hill Cheung The Rabbit with a tiny little red bow-tie on his ball-like body. (Pronunciation of Hill Cheung is the same as '囂張' in Chinese, which means 'arrogant' in English.)



數天前,我買了一堆漂亮的捲捲羊毛毛冷,之後便急不及待立即動工做鉤織娃娃。第一隻製成品是一只叫Hill Chueng,戴著紅色小煲呔的臭面兔。

MGMT - Some's Missing

p.s. I recently watched 2001: Space Odyssey (1968). I could not really understand the story but it somehow makes me feel strange and empty.


[drawing] 謝謝農 / thank you farmers

Recently I have had few commissioned drawing projects.

The above pictures shown are pages of an article "謝謝農(Thank You Harmers)" from Vol.784(15/09/2014) of a local magazine,“Weekend Weekly”.  I made the illustrations for this piece of article. The drawing process was really enjoyable because I love drawing veggies and fruit. And it is much delightful and exciting to see my drawings being published.



Radiohead - Kid A(full album)


[little treasures] P O L A R / 極 地 ,

A n t a r c t i c │ H u m a n  C i v i l i z a t i o n │A r c t i c

The polar ice is melting, and it is melting fast.

Made out of pure white clay.




Coldplay - Amsterdam
Coldplay - The Scientist The XX - Shelter