[explore] LOCAL LYCHEE HONEY / 本 地 荔 枝 蜜 ,

1. A drawing about the birth of local lychee honey. / 有關荔枝蜜的圖畫。
4. A dried beehive discovered nearby beehive boxes. / 在蜂箱旁邊的地上檢到已乾透的蜂巢。
5. Lychee picking. / 摘荔枝。
6. Lychee honey drink during a heatwave. / 夏日熱辣辣飲返杯消暑荔枝蜜。

In the last summer, Eunice and I stayed in Ping Che for two days one night to learn farming. It was a super hot summer. After a series of hard farm work, a villager made us lychee honey water for relieving the summer heat. It tasted smelled refreshing and sweet. The lychee honey was made by himself and he had a dozen handmade wooden beehive boxes. Every April, when lychee trees blossom, his honey bees fly to the flowers and collect nectar. So this is how his homemade lychee honey comes from.

A month later, I joined villagers to harvest lychees, which was my first time to pick lychees from the trees. They were super sweet, fleshy and juicy. Villagers even gave me a bag of them so I can continue to enjoy them at home.

The above photos were taken at that time. Few days ago, I flicked through them and they inspire me to make a drawing about the birth of local lychee honey.





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[craft] about addiction / 有關 癮 ,

I feel like that I have a bit obsessive-compulsive disorder (no worry...not to the extent of a real disorder). When I have a new idea or desire, it would repeatedly show up in my mind until the appearance of another new idea. Previously, I once had a period of time that I was unable to stop myself from crazily making things about mushrooms. The above photos showcase the result of my obsession. I was too lazy to write for them til now but some of them have already been sold out.

My mushrooms are shy and timid. They always hide up their little face. Actually, I am the same shy when there is a camera lens in front of me.


我好像有點強逼症,一旦有新的想法或慾望,腦海便不斷把想法重複 ,直至另一個新想法出現。我愛菇菇,之前曾有陣子不能自拔地瘋狂做有關菇菇的東西,結果造了這堆密集的小東西,但因為懶惰的關係直至現在才為它們寫篇文留紀念,其實有部份已賣出。


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[draw] F a i r C h o i / 公 平 菜 ,

《新假期週刊》第816期 / "Weekend Weekly Magazine", vol. 816

The season of deadlines has arrived. As I have been quite busy, I do not have much time to keep this place undated. [crying]

Last week, I had a new commissioned illustration project. Again it is about local agriculture, themed as "Fair Choi (fair vegetable)". The article introduced a new online platform direct-selling local vegetables, a vegetable stall which allows free pricing, and a newly launched social agriculture park. The aim of fair vegetables is to allow local farmers to earn what they deserve as they have paid so much effort and time but their harvest is unfairly traded.

I was so happy to draw this since I am always interested in the local agriculture issue and feel like I gained something new in it.





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[craft] w e a v i n g / 編 織 ,

Yesterday, I spent an afternoon in the workshop of La Belle Epoque to weave with Letty The Boss. There was so much soft beautiful yarn to choose, making me indecisive. Besides, it is fascinating that the same yarn can be weaved into different forms and textures. A new addictive hobbit to have!

By the way, while I was dedicated in working with my piece, Letty The Boss sometimes lazily stepped on my piece. So cute!


昨天去了La Belle Epoque在木星街的工作室和貓店長Letty一起織布。很高興可以用很多滑滑的羊毛毛冷織布,但毛冷的選擇太多,選擇困難症又發作了。而用同樣的羊毛卻能編織出不同層次和質感這件事實在令我很著迷。


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[craft] making of dolls

Since I bought that bunch of woolly curvy yarn, I am always eager to make a big family for Hill Cheung The Rabbit. Since I do not have much time to do creations, the progress to achieve this short-term goal is still slow. It is a great enjoyment to work with this yarn as animal dolls made out of it are very soft, like teddy bears. I cannot stop my hands from rubbing these little guys.



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