[little treasures] w e a v i n g / 編 織 ,

Yesterday, I spent an afternoon in the workshop of La Belle Epoque to weave with Letty The Boss. There was so much soft beautiful yarn to choose, making me indecisive! Besides, it is fascinating that the same yarn can be weaved into different forms and textures. A new addictive hobbit to have!

By the way, while I was dedicated in working with my piece, Letty The Boss sometimes lazily stepped on my piece. So cute!


昨天去了La Belle Epoque在木星街的工作室和貓店長Letty一起織布。很高興可以用很多滑滑的羊毛毛冷織布,但毛冷的選擇太多,選擇困難症又發作了。而用同樣的羊毛卻能編織出不同層次和質感這件事實在令我很著迷。


Cloud Atlas soundtrack - Sixtet


[little treasures] making of dolls

School kid. / 學生哥。

Since I bought that bunch of woolly curvy yarn, I am always eager to make a big family for Hill Cheung The Rabbit. Since I do not have much time to do creations, the progress to achieve this short-term goal is still slow.
It is a great enjoyment to work with this yarn as animal dolls made out of it are very soft, like teddy bears. I cannot stop my hands from rubbing these little guys.



Foster The People - Helena Beat
Foster The People - Houdini


[farming] F A R M L A N D / P i n g C h e ,

I took this photographs with my analogue camera in the past summer.

It was a cloudy and gloomy day but perfect for some work out outdoor. After doing trivial work in the little farm in Ping Che, I cycled around the farmland with Eunice. During our bike journey, I felt so calm when summer wind blew on my face with a grassy scent from the field. The farmland was so green and quiet with only rustling sound of leaves.

This place is healing.





Keane - Atlantic

A farmer walked by. / 一個農夫走過。
Eunice sat next to our bike. / Eunice在單車旁邊坐下。


[little treasures] M O U N T A I N S / 山 ,

I have many favorite things. One of them is mountain. I love the rolling, majesticness and steepness of mountains. They compose a very beautiful scenery. Also, when I have leisure time, I like to go hiking. Gradually, I found that I have drawn and made a lot of things related to mountains.


我喜歡的東西有很多,其中最愛的有山,我喜歡山的連綿起伏、 雄偉和險峻,構成漂亮的畫面,而且閒時我喜歡登山去。漸漸地、不知不覺間,原來已畫了、造了一大堆有關山的東西。

Moby - Porcelain
Moby - Natural Blues
Moby - Wait For Me



[farming] local and organic

Carrot eats carrot. / 蘿蔔吃蘿蔔。

These are some of the stuffs I bought from Fanling Farmers Market, including a piece of luffa sponge, inglorious carrots and eggplants, and a coin bag made of cleaned old flour bag by an old lady.

Inglorious vegetables may be unattractive but they are indeed the same nutritious as glorious one (frankly I think they are cute). Beautiful vegetables commonly found in supermarkets are in fact screened before sale. Those which cannot fulfill the appearance standard usually end up in the rubbish bin. This is an unnecessary wastage of resources due to modern marketing tactics.

For the luffa sponge, it is the fiberized flesh of an over-matured luffa fruit. It can be used as a natural household scrubber, unlike synthetic cleaning sponge which may leave synthetics substance on utensils.

Fanling Farmers Market
date: 15/02, 15/03, 12/04 (once a month)
time: 10 am - 6 pm
location: Fanling Playground (Fanling MTR Exit C)
organizer: Transfarmer






Radiohead - Kid A

orangic veggies
Sweet and fresh! / 清甜新鮮!