[drawing] 謝謝農 / thank you farmers

Recently I have had few commissioned drawing projects.

The above pictures shown are pages of an article "謝謝農(Thank You Harmers)" from Vol.784(15/09/2014) of a local magazine,“Weekend Weekly”.  I made the illustrations for this piece of article. The drawing process was really enjoyable because I love drawing veggies and fruit. And it is much delightful and exciting to see my drawings being published.



Radiohead - Kid A(full album)


[little treasures] P O L A R / 極 地 ,

A n t a r c t i c │ H u m a n  C i v i l i z a t i o n │A r c t i c

The polar ice is melting, and it is melting fast.

Made out of pure white clay.




Coldplay - Amsterdam
Coldplay - The Scientist The XX - Shelter


[Hong Kong] P i n g C h e / 坪 輋 ,

This summer, I started spending random days in Ping Che, a place locating in New Territories North East,  to find out more about local agriculture while learning some farming skills and listening stories from experienced farmers. My original intention to be there was not related to the recent New Territories North East Development incident indeed but just wanted to learn more about where I am living in. I believe there are many more than skyscrapers, shopping malls and theme parks in this city. To every one of us existing in any society, farm field is indispensable. Not only does it provide us daily necessities,  but it is also a kind of education which allows people to appreciate the intimate relationship between human-being and our great nature.



Map reading. / 看地圖。

A very old village store that is no longer to be open. / 永安士多,一間已停止經營的舊式鄉村士多。

Freshly harvested little tomatoes. Tasted so sweet! / 新鮮即摘小蕃茄,很清甜!

Sometimes, companions and I would borrow bicycles from our villager friends to cycle around and explore. / 有時,我會跟同伴一起向相熟的村民借單車,到農田間踏單車到處探索。

John Murphy - 28 Weeks Later theme song
Coldplay - Politik


[little treasure] miss Ladybug


In one dusk stroll, I picked up this tree branch from the ground and played with it. It probably dropped off from the tree nearby. Then I found it had a beautiful shape and hence took it home. It is now the new home for Ms. Ladybug.



Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head


P O R T F O L I O ,

Hope you all are doing good and are not melted in this super hot summer.

I made an online portfolio on Tumblr quite a long time ago. Just did an update for it. Check it out here. By the way, I have just updated the layout of this blog. Hope you enjoy them!




The xx - Chained